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Ladakh Flag For Bike |Premium Prayer Flag For Bike, Leh Lada..More




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* PRAYER FLAG BIKE: Prayer flag is a colorful rectangular cloth, often found strung along trails and peaks high in the Himalayas which are now used popularly as a blessed decoration for Ladakh trip while you on your bike and car
* DECORATIVE LADAKH FLAG BIKE: The good thing about these prayer flags is that according to beliefs, the wind blows away the prayers from these flags.
* CAR BACK WINDOW FLAG: Prayer Flags will ensure that your Ride and Trip is blessed with these prayers.
* Bike flags for bullet: These flags have prayers written on each. Thus, which can provide luck, longevity, happiness, and prosperity.
* LEH LADAKH FLAG: Benefits such as peace, strength, wisdom, and compassion are written on each flag to be carried by the wind

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