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*About the Product: solar product is unique in its own way and same is the installation process, as in every solar product the solar panel position is different that makes its position under the sunlight different , so it would be humble request that whenever you receive the *product, and its is not working do contact us on our toll free number for its proper installation process
*Important Instructions : When the car is under the sunrays for longer duration in sunlight, the propellor will keep rotating so due to direct exposure of sunrays do adopt precautionary measures for sustaining the beauty of the product either by covering product with *something or avoid longer contact with sunrays .
*These elegant perfumes comes in spectacular shape of jet which will add beauty to your car dashboard. As soon as the sunlight falls on its solar panel which are on its wings the propeller keeps rotating with a noise free background.
* Helicopter Solar Aroma are having zero alcohol without pollution, imported perfume, to ensure that every breath is enjoyable. A pleasant scent brings you a good mood and relieves stress. Pregnant and infant can use it.

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