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* PRAYER FLAGS CAR BIG SIZE: Specifically, there are five colors in a sequence which is not to be shuffled. Five colors blue, white, red, green, and yellow represent five elements. Blue symbolizes sky and space, White for air and wind, Red for fire, Green as water and finally Yellow as the earth. These five elements are revered for different rituals and purposes in our culture. Balancing these five elements bring good health and harmony in our lives.
* PRAYER FLAGS FOR CAR: People love to hang miniature of the prayer flags in their rooms. Its presence soothes their disturbed mind and purifies their thoughts.
* BUDDHIST PRAYER FLAG CAR: If you are hanging prayer flags around your home just to appease someone else, or even to “look cool” or just because someone gave them to you, you’d be missing the point. Hanging prayer flags is to put out a living prayer for all beings.
* LADAKH PRAYER FLAG CAR: The Tibetan people hang the flags outside as they believe the wind will carry those spiritual messages to the world, which in turn will bring compassion and goodwill to all living things.
* TIBETAN PRAYER FLAGS FOR CAR: Hanging prayer flags is not limited to Buddhists; anyone is welcome to hang these Buddhist prayer flags in their Car rear window or outside their Entrance as these prayer flags bring in good energy everytime the wind
* BLESSED PRAYER FLAGS: These prayer flags are also energized by Head Lama of the Monastery so that the flags for Car also protects the one driving and their family
* MONASTERY PRAYER FLAGS CAR: Each flag is made by Lamas from Monastery and a portion of the sales is used for Noble Cause like Monastery maintenance and Education of several children
* DASHBOARD: FLAG FOR CAR: Made in India with fine quality velvet. Borders are glued properly and cutting is so fine that threads don't come out from borders. Best gift for car or home wall decor
* LADAKH PRAYER FLAG: Ideal for car rear window hanging decor
* BUDDHIST FLAG CAR: Blessed Prayer flag brings Good luck and can be used as FLAG FOR HOME ENTRANCE and radiates peace prosperity to the rider and his HOME

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